Accessories for your truck or off-road vehicle


When buying a truck or off-road vehicle, customers often aren’t aware of the host of accessories that are available.

Dave Yanke, owner of LINE-X of Greater Illinois, in Sycamore, which carries a full line of accessories, hears it all too often.

One top popular accessory is the tonneau cover for the truck bed. “We carry several different styles,” Yanke says. “We have hard, soft, roll-up, tri-fold. But the basic thing with the tonneau cover is that it offers you security for items that you put back there. It obviously will keep them dryer so it’s going to offer you weather protection.”

A surprising benefit of the tonneau cover is that it offers better gas mileage because it reduces the drag you get from an open bed, says Yanke, adding, “The manufacturers claim all the way up to 10 percent.”

Another item truck and off-road owners like are step tubes and running boards, that make it easier to get in and our of higher-sitting utility vehicles. “Not only does it help you get in and out of the vehicle but it does offer some protection from a road hazard coming up and hitting the vehicle,” says Yanke. “It’s going to hit the step tube or running board first.

Something that may be a little more important to people in the Sycamore/DeKalb area is on- and off-road lighting. “Out here we have a lot of dark roads,” Yanke says. “A light bar on the top offers a lot of lighting, especially in this season where people are concerned with deer strikes. Having been one who has done that I can appreciate a lot of lighting.”

If you have or thought about a protective coating for inside your truck bed, know that they can go on the outside, as well. “It protects the paint from being chipped, and we can match virtually any color,” says Yanke.

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