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Nightstands can add storage, visual interest to the bedroom


Wondering if you need a nightstand?

More storage is always a plus, making nightstands a great addition to any bedroom.

Not only can the furniture piece provide a place for those items you want to keep near, such as a glass of water, cell phone, book or lamp, a bedside table can also help add to the room’s decor.

When choosing the best one for your home, take into account the size of your bedroom as well as your storage needs.

If the room is large enough, place two tables on either side of the bed for a more uniform look. But don’t think the two pieces have to be matching. Design experts said mixing styles while keeping the height and width about the same can add personality to a room.

Nightstands also don’t need to match the bed. Add more visual interest to the room by mixing wood tones or pairing different table finishes with traditional wood beds.

Nightstands that have drawers or doors are ideal for hiding away clutter such as phone chargers and eyeglass cases. Some have shelving, making it the perfect place to store books.

But ditch the extra storage space if you prefer a more minimalist look.

Sizing is also an important consideration when choosing a bedside table. A general rule is the table should be about the same height as the mattress in order to reach for a book or glass of water with ease. Design experts also recommend a depth of about 25 inches or less, as any bigger and you are likely to bump into the table.

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