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How to Clean a Dog Bed


We love our furry friends, but as adorable as they may be, pet odor is not one of the perks that comes with owning a dog.


How to Clean a Dog Bed

Ideally, you should clean your BFF’s bedding once or twice a week.

You’ll need:
*Vacuum with attachment

*A lint roller

1.  Take the bed outside and give it a good shake. Leave it sitting in the sun on concrete to air out.

2.  Vacuum where the bed and area it typically sits.

3.  Use a lint roller to give the dog bed a once over to remove stubborn fur.

How to Wash a Dog Bed

Give your dog's bed a thorough cleaning about once a month, weather permitting since the bedding will need to be dried outside.

You’ll need:
*A clean bathtub

*Vacuum with attachments

*A lint roller

*Gentle, pet-friendly laundry detergent

1.  Vacuum the cover of bed, use lint roller to tackle any stubborn hair.

2.  Remove the cover from the foam padding and shake it out.

3.  Fill your bathtub with hot water, submerge the cover for 10-15 minutes and then wring out well.

4.  Place the cover in the washing machine. Add detergent and use the heavy-duty setting with cold water. Note: Do not put the cover in the dryer, as you could shrink it.

5.  Drain the tub, wipe it down and refill it with clean hot water and a little laundry detergent.

6.  Vacuum the foam bedding and hit it with the lint roller, just as you did with the cover.

7.  Massage the soapy water into the foam and rinse until no more soap runs out.

8.  Set the cover and padding on concrete in the sun to dry. Flip to be sure dries evenly.

Take the time to clean your BFF’s bedding so they can snuggle up and have sweet dreams.

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