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Fall in love with the versatility of a loveseat


When it comes to living room furniture, couches and loveseats often to go hand in hand.

And though both are common staples, the function of the loveseat extends beyond just offering additional seating.

The latter is often used as a complementary piece, sitting across from or catty-corner to a couch. Together, they help to create both a cohesive and functional space.

When coordinating the two, design experts recommend keeping the room’s color scheme in mind. If the couch is a solid color, consider an accent hue for the loveseat. Or opt for a loveseat in a muted tone to go with a more colorful couch. You can also choose to coordinate the two by choosing the same materials, such as leather or fabric, but in different colors.

For those who live in an apartment or loft, or just have a smaller living room, a loveseat can be an ideal option rather than trying to make a full-size couch work. Keep in mind, however, the piece’s arm thickness, as thinner arms make for more seating space.

While loveseats generally only offer sitting space for about two people, that doesn’t mean they are too small to accommodate out of town guests. Many are available with convertible bed options. If a pullout bed won’t fit your space, consider a reclining loveseat option.

In smaller rooms, help open up the area even more by hanging a mirror above the loveseat.

Have a reading nook or bay window in your home? A small loveseat can come in handy when trying to fill those spaces.

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