Leave anti-rust and undercoating jobs to the pros


Do-it-yourselfers will find a host of anti-rust and undercoating products out there for their cars, trucks, SUVs. motorcycles, vans and RVs. Most are easy to apply; just shake, pop the top and spray.

But miss a spot, especially one you can’t see inside or underneath, and you’ll be unpleasantly surprised when it rusts from the inside out. Also, some don’t block rust; they just cover it up. And if the vehicle is not properly prepared, you just wasted your time and money on a false sense of security.

Better to have a professional handle this kind of protection for your vehicle, especially when you want it to last, and even more especially when replacing rusted or corroded parts can be a lot more expensive when the damage has the time to get worse.

LINE-X is a specialist in the development and application of anti-rust undercoatings and rust inhibitors. One big advantage is that it is a spray-on coating and application process that reaches into tight spaces, gaps, irregular surfaces, creases and joints. It adheres to any shape or surface contour of your vehicle’s undercarriage and components.

The LINE-X lineup of specialized, high-performance spray-on elastomeric coatings are engineered for maximum durability are very popular with a wide range of vehicle owners. They also help prevent cracking, peeling or discoloration, and can be customized with color pigmentation.

Anti-rust compounds protect inner panels from salt, water and other damaging elements, prevent inside-out rust, penetrate into everything, bond permanently, can be applied through existing body holes, and will not restrict existing drain holes.

LINE-X undercoatings insulate and protect against corrosion, add noise insulation, remains pliable and flexible, does not run or drip, and leaves a cosmetic appearance that does not detract from vehicle appearance.

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