Protection travels beyond the pavement


There is no doubt that LINE-X coatings are proven to protect your valuable investment in your commercial, personal and recreational vehicles.

But don’t overlook two other facts about LINE-X: it also offers protection for industrial, commercial and residential buildings, and a wealth of vehicle accessories that are stylish, durable and functional.

First, the coatings for which LINE-X is legendary. These specialized, high-performance spray-on elastomeric coatings engineered for maximum durability are very popular with a wide range of vehicle owners. They help prevent rust, cracking, peeling or discoloration, can be customized with color pigmentation, and dampen sound and reduce vibration.      

A second fact is that the coatings can be applied to more than just metal and fiberglass on vehicles. Coatings can be applied to concrete, plastic, wood, Styrofoam and drywall. These absorb impact and resist damage by remaining both flexible and strong without losing adhesion.

That makes the coatings ideal for protecting surfaces such as garage floors, decks, patios, sheds, benches, swing sets, wheelchair ramps and metal lawn furniture. They can also provide more insulation value, noise reduction, waterproofing and crack repair.

Third, LINE-X uses the same durability in “Truck Gear” accessories, such as double-stitched, high-quality leather seat covers. For the interior, you can also add durable fitted floor mats.

Outside your vehicle, accessories include welded oval step bars for style and safety under vehicle doors, with large step pads and no-drill installation; choices of soft, roll-up, retractable and folding tonneau covers; custom-fitted cargo liners to protect vehicle interiors; stainless steel grill guards with vehicle-specific brackets and no-drill installation; durable fender flares; “bull bar” to protect your vehicle’s front end, and special light options to enhance your night and foggy day vision.

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