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Fargo Home Furnishings offers tips on finding the right accent chair




Break out from the Norm

Uniformity isn’t always key. According to Ronesha Peña, owner of the Sycamore-based Fargo Home Furnishings. “When someone has a gray sofa and a gray loveseat they tend to want a gray accent chair. But throw in a pattern,” she said. “Look around your room and look for a color you like and add in a pattern with that color.” She understands the hesitation, however, as the living room furniture of yesteryear was usually purchased as a set. “So it’s always edged in our mind to get the entire set and in the same color,” Peña said.

These days, it’s more common, and quite okay to purchase different pieces of furniture “and marry them together to form this beautiful, comfortable space,” she said.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go BOLD

When it comes to color, it’s OK to go bold with an accent chair. But make sure not to go overbold. For instance, Peña suggests treading lightly when it comes to bright colors and floral patterns. “Look clearly at the colors and patterns you’re considering and see if they match anything in the room so you can have the entire area flow,” she said. “Sometimes impulse shoppers will see something, love it, buy it and go home and hate it.”

And while experimenting with mixing patterns is OKAY, make sure they relate. “Note the different patterns and the colors and see how you can blend them without looking too crowded or too busy,” Peña said.

Comfort and Looks Go Hand In Hand

Finally, make sure your accent chair looks good and feels good. “Not everything that looks great is comfortable,” Peña said.