Letters to the Editor

Letter: Debates needed to reveal best congressional candidate


To the Editor:

We seek a person who is courageous, passionate and articulate for the U.S. 16th Congressional District. These personal attributes come in various combinations – for example, Adam Kinzinger’s military service.

Sara Dady must have courage and passion to face Kinzinger’s comparably Goliath-like campaign funds and ready access to media sources. How are we then to compare the candidates? Debate!

We immediately are drawn to historic examples such as the Lincoln-Douglas debates.

As is the case with almost any comparison, it is essential to have a side-by-side comparison.

In fact, each candidates’ interest in providing opportunities for comparison through debate is an indication of confidence in their respective positions and the democratic process.

However, there is considerable concern about Kinzinger’s limited availability for open, personal exchanges with his constituents as opposed to his preference for prepared speeches or only responding to approved questions. We are nearing a critical point where this aversion could subvert our opportunity for comparison.

If Douglas had done the railway version of a flyby or if Goliath failed to show up; what may have been the results?

Any hesitation certainly is something less than the expression of courage and confidence.

Bobby Riggs faced Billie Jean King on a level field of competition. The more each candidate, their strongest supporters and constituents at large demand a lengthy series of debates the more the public interest will be served.

Call or write to demand this.

Kim Goudreau