Letters to the Editor

Letter: Residents have right to question students' residency


To the Editor:

The Daily Chronicle recently ran a story titled “Community alert.” It featured a local clergyman advising the public not to cooperate in a student residential verification program that was legally approved by the DeKalb School District 428 Board. This was after a resident filed a federal lawsuit claiming that district taxpayers are spending about $1.7 million a year for about 1,000 students illegally enrolled and attending D-428 schools.

How are property owners, who pay nearly 60 percent of said taxes to support the school system, supposed to feel when their concerns are not respected by a community religious leader? The load is heavy. We need some spiritual support, as well. Rising property taxes, a 32 percent Illinois state tax increase, public library debt, etc., all paint a dismal picture for our residents who cannot be appreciated by out-of-town associations that are organized against our legitimate concerns. Our roads are in need of immediate repair, and our police departments all are in need of additional funding.

It is right that the people question all of their taxing expenses.

William F. O’Neill