Letters to the Editor

Letter: Displeased with response to DUI arrest


To the Editor:

This is in reaction to the article titled “DeKalb Chamber board backs director after his DUI arrest.”

We have had many articles about the results of driving after drinking fatalities, injuries, etc.

We’ve also seen the minimal penalties for those drivers.

Those who drink and then drive show disregard for themselves and their families and for the rest of society. They made two decisions – to drink and to drive.

Many say the decision to drive is poorly made because the person was drinking. Yet most often they drove to where they were going to be drinking knowing they would drive afterward.

The DeKalb Chamber through its comments is supporting someone who made both of those decisions. Shouldn’t it be taking a stance against that behavior?

It will be interesting to see if someone in such a position actually gets any penalty. In the article, it states that a deputy saw him cross the center line on Peace Road – had a car been coming – this could have been a fatality.

To the community: Do we want to continue to have DUI treated lightly, condoned and minimal penalties brought against DUI drivers, even when those we know or are related to have been injured or killed?

Our elected officials seem to not take DUI seriously.

The DeKalb Chamber has taken the position to support someone who put you and yours and himself at risk. The Chamber owes the community an apology, and we should consider do we want to keep them in office, when they have shown such disregard for our safety.

James L. Scott