Letters to the Editor

Letter: VAC does not endorse Kinzinger – or any candidate


To the Editor:

Recently, U.S. Adam Kinzinger’s campaign for re-election circulated a campaign mailer that included a photograph taken during a visit to Voluntary Action Center in 2016. This visit was arranged to better acquaint the congressman with VAC and the important services that we provide within his district.

At no time during the visit did representatives of VAC have any expectation of being portrayed as endorsing Kinzinger’s candidacy or positions, nor did we (or any of our employees pictures) give permission for the photo to be used in campaign literature. To do so would be contrary to VAC’s mission, which has nothing to do with partisan politics, and a betrayal of the expectations of those who support and fund us.

We write to make sure that the public knows this materials is being circulated without our prior knowledge or, more importantly, our consent.

Ellen Rogers

Executive director of Voluntary Action Center in Sycamore