Letters to the Editor

Letter: Ives has moxie to be elected governor


To the Editor:

You don’t really believe those Gov. Bruce Rauner ads attacking state Rep. Jeanne Ives, do you? See the YouTube video, when both governor candidates were before the Chicago Tribune editorial board. Hear Jeanne’s comments about House Speaker Mike Madigan in context.

Jeanne has the moxie to defeat the Democratic nominee. Rauner hasn’t a prayer!

Unlike Rauner, U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger isn’t attacking James Marter, his opponent. A gooey ad of no substance reminds us that Kinzinger is a pilot. As if we could forget! Kinzinger gets the lowest conservative grade of the seven Illinois Republican congressmen. Kinzinger is a Never Trumper, who bragged on CNN he hadn’t voted for Trump. Adam is part of the swamp. Visit Marter4Congress.US.

Gary Grasso for Illinois Attorney General is the pro-life choice.

Jane Carrell