Letters to the Editor

Letter: Don't wait to say thank you


To the Editor:

Went to a funeral 10 years ago for a Sycamore farmer of many generations. I was related by marriage, yet had not seen the family for many decades.

Leaving the service, a lady came up to me and called my name. Not recognizing her immediately, providence reminded me that she was the daughter, Karen, of the departed. Amidst the grief and mourning of her dear father, she asked how I, my wife and children were doing. Funny, as she had never met my family, nor had she seen me in more than 30 years. For the past decade, I had thought about writing her a thank you note. For it’s nice when someone remembers you, calls your name and wishes your family well.

Karen’s funeral was in Sycamore on Monday. I never did get around to sending that well-deserved thank-you card. The moral of my story is this: Don’t put off responding to kindness – one might not have another opportunity.

Chaplain Mack Besser

Maple Park

Ives has moxie
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