Letters to the Editor

Letter: Why isn't Kinzinger asking for my vote?


To the Editor:

Over the past 18 months, I’ve asked U.S. Rep. Kinzinger, R-Channahon, for his vote to preserve the Affordable Care Act, fully fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program before it expired, defend internet neutrality, not to allow mentally disabled people to buy guns, to make sure that tax cuts didn’t lead to Medicaid cuts that limit even further schools’ ability to handle mentally unstable students, and protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller ’s investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 election. Each time, he did the opposite or nothing at all.

I’ve asked repeatedly for a face-to-face town hall where he could explain why I was wrong to want these things. He has refused because people like me might not be “civil.” I learned he recently blocked constituents on Facebook for comparing his voting record with his Federal Election Commission filing listing whom he gets contributions from. He won’t speak for himself and blocks letting his record speak for him.

I think the 16th Congressional District deserves better. Saturday night I went to, and volunteered at, the Democratic Congressional Candidates’ Forum in Belvidere hoping to find his replacement. There were four candidates: Neill Mohammad, Sara Dady, Amy Murri Briel and Beth Vercolio-Osmund. Each shared their differing views on health care, immigration, education and leadership. Although I didn’t agree with any one candidate completely, I would choose any of them over my current representative, because even when it might cost them a vote, they defended their convictions.

Please take the time to go to candidate forums or watch live streams. You can find many of these on Facebook. Here’s the one I went to: facebook.com/108774005818183/videos/1984273354934896/.

Representative Kinzinger hasn’t done any forums with his Republican opponent, James Marter, but his voting record is public record, as are his donor lists, check them out.

Kinzinger isn’t afraid of the uncivil voter; it’s the informed one he doesn’t want to face.

Vote on March 20.

Wendy LaFauce