Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vote Christopher Kennedy for Illinois governor


To the Editor:

Let me be clear: Daniel Biss is no friend of working families. In 2014, I joined workers from around the state of Illinois as a plaintiff in order to fight the unconstitutional pension law supported by Biss.

When Biss took the oath of office, he swore to uphold the Constitution of our great state. 

Simply put, as ruled on by the Supreme Court, Biss didn’t uphold that sacred promise. The court ruled the pension scheme to be unconstitutional, and undid the damage Biss and the insiders tried to cause to our pension system. 

Biss has proved himself – to both the working families of our state and to our Supreme Court – to be a fraud. He is not on our side. 

As governor, Christopher Kennedy will take his oath of office seriously and defend the Constitution of the state of Illinois.

By doing so, he’ll defend our working families. 

Learn about Christopher Kennedy at kennedyforillinois.com/vision/pensions.

James Sheridan