Letters to the Editor

Letter: Blame Trump for Florida school shooting


To the Editor:

Congress should oppose all cuts to the Americans With Disabilities Act. Cuts to this vital program are a disgrace and endanger the safety and security of our country.

President Donald Trump signed legislation a year ago to allow mentally ill people to buy guns. This has had the effect of increasing the number of shootings and the number of children’s deaths by homegrown terrorists.

Now is the time to ban automatic rifles. It is Trump’s fault that teachers and children died in Florida on Valentine’s Day because he refused to protect Americans from gun violence perpetrated by mentally ill people.

Arming random teachers and school personnel is the dumbest idea yet. I am a minister and psychologist who has counseled troubled youth, and when they walk into a school, movie theater or other public place with their spare magazines and AR-15’s, their new motto is “teachers first.”

If you arm one teacher or theater usher or mall guard, you have to arm them all, and certainly with more firepower than a handgun.

Otherwise, their unarmed counterparts become easy targets while they are unable to compete with rapid-fire military-grade weapons in the hands of a teenager they may know, and they may hesitate before killing.

No child should be required to go to school with armed teachers fearing shootouts in their classrooms if those same guns fell into the wrong hands.

We need sensible gun control, better background checks and banning of military weapons in the hands of civilians.

Karen Jacobson