Letters to the Editor

Letter: Kinzinger must put country before party


To the Editor:

U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Channahon, took an oath for the Air Force and for Congress. He took the oath, but really he was taking the oath for the American people and his constituents. We are required to live by the laws he writes and that go through the process. He needs to live by the oaths he took.

Kinzinger must put his country before his party. We need to know if our election was corrupted. We need to know how much influence a foreign power has with candidates and elected officials, including the president, no matter the party. We need to know if foreign governments are secretly pouring money into special interest groups who then use that money to help get people elected.

Until we have the answers concerning the last election and the current administration, Kinzinger needs to put a line between himself and the administration. He needs to speak out when he sees things that are concerning. His silence implies consent and agreement.

It's time for Kinzinger to put his district and his country ahead of his party.

Barbara Becker