Letters to the Editor

Letter: Flush less, save (the planet) more


To the Editor:

We all know that clean water is very important for our health and well-being. Here’s a suggestion on how to not waste that precious stuff. We know that toilet tanks hold about one and a half gallons of water (Please note that all numbers are approximate.) The next time you urinate, do not flush. Throw a piece of tissue into the bowl to keep count. Continue to do this until you have gone for the fifth time. Now it’s time to flush.

Here is the good part: By saving four flushes, you have saved about six gallons of water. If you do that only once a day, in an average of 30 days, you will have saved about 180 gallons. Wow! You have stopped a lot of good water from going into the sewer system – and you have cut your water bill down.

Obviously, if you have a bowel movement, you should flush. Maybe you will do this more than twice a day, or change your tissue count to three or five. Change to whatever pleases you.

Ken E. Van Horn