Check in the mail for Sandwich library grant?

State lawmaker announces award; officials have yet to receive funds

The Sandwich Public Library District still is waiting to receive almost $90,000 in grant funds from the state that originally were intended to assist with the construction of the new library building, which opened in 2014.[]

The Sandwich Public Library District still is waiting to receive almost $90,000 in remaining grant funds from the state’s Public Library Construction Act Grant Program, nearly four years after the new library building was completed and five years after the district first applied for the grant.

In a news release issued Jan. 4, state Rep. Tom Demmer, R-Dixon, announced that a check for $89,928.69 would be sent in the coming week, saying, “I am grateful the Sandwich Public Library District is receiving the final portion of state funding for their new library construction. ... Our libraries are a great community asset for all ages.”

However, despite the news release assuring that money would be sent to the library district, library board President Nancy Sanders said Jan. 15 that the check has not yet arrived, and that no timeline for delivery has been established.

“A promise from a representative is not cash in hand,” Sanders said.

As the funds came from a construction grant for the building that was completed four years ago, Sanders said that the board will review the guidelines provided by the state to determine how the funds can be spent once they are received.

Public Library Construction Act grants were funded through the Build Illinois Bond program in fiscal 2013. The grants aimed to help communities with the cost of new library construction.

The state promised $1,595,510.19 to the Sandwich Public Library District to help fund construction of the new library. The local share of the project was $2,908,489.81, creating a total of slightly more than $4.5 million for the cost of the entire project.

The new building for the Sandwich Public Library District opened at 925 S. Main St. in late 2014.