Our View: Every new year holds promise


A new year might seem like a long time on Jan. 1, but by the time we reach late December, many of us are left wondering, “where did the time go?”

That all depends on how one spends it.

As we begin 2018, resolve to make the most of it in a way that will be meaningful to you.

It might be through self-improvement measures, traditional things like losing weight, eating healthier, starting an exercise program or reducing or curtailing bad habits.

Or it could be a different kind of personal goal – continuing education, changing one’s career, or calling relatives you haven’t spoken with in too long.

Some people eschew the practice of New Year’s resolutions, correctly noting that people rarely succeed in keeping them.

But the success rate of resolutions matters less than the spirit in which they are made.

The idea that a New Year can bring change for the better – that’s something we all should embrace.

The only constant in life is change, and each year brings quite a lot of it. The year 2017 certainly did, from putting a new president in the White House and continuing all the way down to our local towns and neighborhoods, which saw all kinds of changes themselves, some subtle and some not-so-subtle.

There will be more to come in 2018, from the broadest national level to the most personal of spaces, our own minds and bodies. For some of us, 2018 will bring hardship and challenges. But the promise of a New Year is that all of us can resolve to do what we can to make the changes of the New Year good ones.

We can make ourselves healthier and happier, and we can do our part to help others.

The more of us who make those resolutions, and keep them in some small ways throughout the year, the better off we all will be.

Here’s wishing all of our readers a healthy and happy 2018.