Letters to the Editor

Letter: To those taking a knee, learn what the flag means


To the editor:

To those who are in protest of our flag. Get off your bandwagon knees. You obviously have no clue what our flag stands for. So get a clue …

Our flag is not Trump, or any president. It does not see color, race or gender. It does not divide or incite. It does not create oppression, bias or prejudice.

Our flag stands for the very freedom that allows people their right to kneel. That in other countries they would be jailed for, or worse. This freedom was fought for by our veterans and the existing men and women of the military who continue to fight for our freedom and by every single man and woman who died defending it.

So to the NFL or any other athlete or anyone who kneels, before you take your next kneel, learn what our flag represents. Then stand for it and respect it, because that respect is for everyone who fought or continues to fight for your freedom.

if these NFL players and other athletes who take a kneel are so concerned for their “cause”, which changes based on who you talk to, then they should take their millions and their influence and use it toward educating people on their cause, teaching respect both by police officers and offenders, education for those that cannot afford it, etc.

They can teach respect by respecting our flag and country. But instead, they show complete disrespect and disregard. And, they won’t use the millions because this isn’t about a “cause.” It is a bandwagon protest for attention to appear concerned. And, again their “cause” has nothing to do with our flag, which stands for their freedom.

If you want to fight for oppression or whatever it is you claim you are fighting for ... then do it effectively, properly and not against something that isn’t involved in your fight. The flag isn’t.

Oh and God Bless America. If you don’t like it, leave.  

Cheryl Bast