Letters to the Editor

Letter: No civilian should have an automatic weapon


To the editor:

There is no reason automatic and semiautomatic weapons designed for warfare should be in civilian possession. There is no defense for doing nothing to change the laws that allow folks to own them.

Modern political philosophers disagree on many topics, but the whole range of them, from Thomas Hobbes (autocratic/totalitarian) to John Locke (consent of the governed) and those in between, all assert that a basic purpose of government is to provide for the safety of the inhabitants.

By that measure, the U.S. government has failed!

The fundamental purpose of government: safety of the people should not be subordinate to any law(s) that the government makes. The laws in the U.S. that allow the mass murder of its citizens should be changed.

We think of ourselves as being governed by laws that “we the people” make; our current elected officials hide behind the Second Amendment to defend their “inability” to do anything about the big news events (such as Las Vegas and a long list of other cities’ mass death events all too familiar to us) .


“We the people” make the laws, we can change them; we can change both the elected officials and the laws that they make. If an elected official or a candidate pleads “inability,” vote for someone who does.

Vote for candidates that advocate change or we will continue to experience mass deaths of innocents and NRA-funded politicians’ crocodile tears in the aftermath.

John Rogalin