Letters to the Editor

Letter: Kinzinger is not my representative


To the editor:

The citizens who reside in Illinois' 16th Congressional District are not being represented. Our "representative" is Adam Kinzinger, but he has forgotten that the seat in which he sits in DC is not his, but the people of IL16's. 

He has no idea how the people who reside in this ditrict feel about any issue. He refuses to have town halls where questions can be asked, ideas shared. He does not have office time at any of his local district offices. When one calls his offices with a question, many times a member of his office staff doesn't know, or isn't allowed to answer. Even after leaving name, address, phone, nobody so much as sends a form letter, let alone an actual answer or request for input. 

He makes time to meet with high money donors, many not even from #IL16, but they don't represent our best interests. They represent themselves and fill Adam's election fund. The people who live here can't, and shouldn't have to, compete with that.

I realize the election is over a year away, but I ask the residents of IL16 to start paying close attention now. Register to vote if you aren't already a voter, and show up to vote on Nov. 6, 2018. IL16 deserves to have a Congressional representative who will listen to our concerns and vote in our best interests.

Barbara Becker