Video: DeKalb Mayor Jerry Smith's State of DeKalb address

Mayor Jerry Smith gives the State of the City address at Faranda's on Thursday, Aug. 10, 2017 in DeKalb.[]

Did you miss our livestream of DeKalb Mayor Jerry Smith's State of DeKalb address?

We livestreamed it on Facebook on Thursday morning, but we're making the replay available for you to watch in full here.

You can also read more about what Smith had to say here.

Smith set a number of goals to tackle by his 100th day in office, including "laser focus" on economic development and strengthening the city's partnership with Northern Illinois University.

"DeKalb and Northern go hand in hand in so many positive ways, and now that we see that enrollment drop, we want to be part of helping Northern in any way we can," Smith said.


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