Letters to the Editor

Letter: Concerned for mental health in U.S.


To the Editor:

I have said this numerous times in the past two years, but never more often than in the past nine months: I am gravely concerned about the collective mental health of this country.

The main reason is our collective, insatiable appetite for bullying, moral bankruptcy and the absurd. This true fact is personified in our pathological president. One of our sound minds, Bernie Sanders, has said it numerous times since the early stages of the 2016 campaign: “Donald Trump is a pathological liar.”

I truly do not understand how Trump even reaches 33 percent approval. How can we say just because it isn’t against the law to lie and to mislead, denigrate, vilify and wantonly lack knowledge or apply informed actions, it means that we should not see this for the shockingly pitiful behavior that it is?

Come on, folks. Open your eyes and see this is a starkly “naked” emperor, and then tell everyone that you see it, especially him and his cronies!

If you are talking to your kids, grandkids, friends and students about what is happening, what on Earth are you saying to explain Trump’s blatantly inappropriate, demeaning and destructive actions? What?

I am seriously concerned for a collectively blind lack of judgment, a willingness to lay so much to waste – wasted time, if nothing else – especially for the sake of our beautiful planet’s health.

I have truly tried to be understanding of Trump’s base supporters’ pleas of feeling unincluded, but I just cannot forgive this. I just can’t. It saddens me to say that I truly believe that the man needs psychological help – a gilded, padded cell, perhaps? Truly. At the very least, he’s an intolerably immature bully, but he, unconscionably, even seems to be OK with wearing that badge. Yeah, it could be gold and shiny just for him. What a warped and perverse world he has created!

The smartest people I know have not only seen this coming, but are peeling back the layers to expose as much as they can even more boldly than the very honorable investigator special counsel Robert Mueller will – fingers crossed.

I implore the very best of our investigative journalists to take heed, but more, I implore each of us to first give credit where it’s due (thanks be to Sens. McCain, Murkowski and Colllins, for example) and blow those whistles.

For pity sakes, folks. The president has no clothes!

Julie Sorensen