Letters to the Editor

Letter: Whose side is Pritchard on?


I'm very frustrated with and disappointed in State Rep. Bob Pritchard. He recently voted in favor of House Bill 1785, which denies science and history in favor of the insane agenda of the liberal left. It allows gender confused people to change the sex on their birth certificates to the opposite sex they were born as. It officially verifies a lie.

If John Doe was born as a baby boy on Jan. 1, 1980, then John will always be a boy and later, a man. To go back decades later and change his sex to "female" is as much of a lie as saying that he was born on March 8, 1905.

John will always be male, and no amount of freakish Frankenstein surgery can ever change that. I absolutely cannot believe that a Republican like Rep. Pritchard would bow to this "politically correct" insanity.

What was he thinking?

As if this wasn't bad enough, Rep. Pritchard also voted for a huge tax increase and then another tax increase on gasoline. I'm beginning to wonder whose side he's on.

Ted McCarron