Cheeky Mama: Chilling the Red Hot worries


As I write this, it’s two days before I get to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers at Summerfest. I am freaking excited! 

One of my oldest dearest friends and I are driving to Milwaukee. We're going in with the expectation that this will be like the movie "Bad Moms" but not as R-rated.

I started to feel overwhelmed preparing for my well-deserved mama’s trip. Like what was i thinking?

Going to the concert sounded stupid because of all the events this weekend. 

I started thinking about a wedding reception that we need to get ready for Saturday. 

On Sunday morning, we leave for Arkansas. 

How in the world am I going to pack for Hannah Jo and myself with all these things on the agenda? 

I was stressing. Feeling myself becoming angry and breaking out. This is not how I wanted to begin my trip.   

Wanting to have a good time at the concert, I was concerned my worry would turn into anxiety.

What is wrong with me?

Then I stopped myself!

Thought to myself, "Who cares?"

This is time for me.

This is time to let loose and be freaking kid-free!

So, I went for a jog to clear my head and regroup.

Sweaty and nasty, I was determined to change my mindset.  

Came home, packed three outfits for the concert, along with some jewelry and cosmetics. Heard there could be a thunderstorm, so I packed two bright yellow ponchos along with a hoodie. You would think this news was fueling my stress, but I refused to let it. I thought a few beers at the concert would make me forget.       

Praise Jesus, slowly the worry started to fade away.

I have been a fan of the Peppers since I was in middle school. No matter what, I am demanding myself to have a good time. Looking forward to listening to some jams, drinking a little beer and dancing like nobody's watching. 

I deserve it!

• Becca Hirst is a proud DeKalb resident who writes about her life as a working mother. She hopes to bring more enjoyment to and less shaming and judging of herself and other mothers. Reach her at cheekymamadekalb@gmail.com.